Music for Your Special Day

It is customary to have music played at various stages of your day… The Ceremony, The Drinks Reception and The Dinner Reception. And your special day can be greatly enhanced by live piano music.


The wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of your day. Susan‘s music will enrich your event by creating an elegant backdrop for your ceremony. Carefully chosen songs will set the mood from the moment your guests are seated until you exit as man and wife.

Arrival of Guests: 10 pieces
Wedding Party: 1-5 pieces
Bride’s Entrance: 1 piece
Unity Candle: 1 piece
Exit of Newlyweds: 1 piece

Drinks Reception

Let the celebration begin! This is the portion of the festivities which follows your ceremony. This is generally when the photographer will capture pictures of you and your wedding party in picturesque locations throughout your venue. Meanwhile, your guests will be enjoying a cocktail and some hors d’oeuvres as they excitedly wait to congratulate you. Susan’s music will entertain your guests while your photos are being taken and will create a celebratory atmosphere.

20 Pieces

Dinner Reception

Ambient piano music is a lovely addition to your dinner reception. While you and your guests are enjoying your meal and sharing favorite moments of the day, you will hear Susan playing pieces that are special to you in the background. This is a lovely time to include family favorites.

In preparing for this portion of the day, you may choose to ask a relative or a friend if there’s a piece that is particularly special to them. For example, you may want to include your grandparents’ wedding song or a piece that your parents enjoyed with you as a child.

20 Pieces

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